Another Sailing Season Ends

Perhaps appropriate, given the way the Red Sox are currently playing, Endurance left Keuka Lake this weekend. Happy to report it was a smooth transport home, from the boat launch at Keuka Lake State Park, to my garage in Spencerport, New York.

I can report that #150 fared well this summer. She stayed outdoors from June to September, but with weekly visits to our lake house, was regularly sailed and bailed when out of the water.

This year I think I will get a jump on getting her ready to sail next year, painting the interior of the boat with a fresh coat of paint sooner than later. I am also considering stripping the topside paint and giving her a varnish coat that I know many SS boats boast.

Do you have any restoration plans for your SS? Feel free to comment on this post and let us know any plans you have to get your SS in shape for the 2012 sailing season. As always, this blog welcomes any narrative you may have, along with photos of your Magic Boat.

Hey, the Red Sox just took a 5 to 1 lead against Baltimore. Maybe the season isn't over yet :-)

- Will, #150

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