2013 Membership Dues Appeal

At this time the SS Class Association is updating the SS membership list for 2013.

A member is any person who is an owner, part owner or who is interested in the SS Class and their racing, shall be eligible for membership. Dues shall be a donation of any amount. The dues will support the various costs of maintaining the racing activities and expenses of the SS Association. Please note that we have conditioned membership in the Association upon your making a contribution in "any" amount.

We are requesting that the membership information along with a contribution to the SS Class Association be included. We hope everyone will respond.

Tracy Cast, Commodore
Sandy Surgan, Vice Commodore
Rob Dudley, Treasurer
Deborah Dalmasse, Secretary
Member Information:
SS Number:
Name of SS:
E Mail:
Information (Any identifying marks or numbers, previous owners):
Contribution: Name:
Check Number and Amount:
(Please make checks payable to SS Class Association)
Please mail the information to:
Rob Dudley, 11 East Pond Lane, Eastport, NY 11941
Thank you in advance for your generous support and enthusiasm for the SS Class!