Looking for a Special Gift this Holiday Season?

Will Tuthill brought this to my attention.  Recently he was in New Bedford, MA where he visited Edson International.  They are makers of marine steering systems and pumps since 1859.  They have a foundry in Tauton mostly used for casting industrial parts.  However, they also cast some "gift" type items.  Will was shown a rack of engravable bronze casting plaques featuring some popular boat designs, including the Herreshoff 12.5, the Beetle Cat, the Snipe, and others.

Will immediately thought of our SS.  It would be a great item indeed.  Right now the drawback might be that the mold set up costs $2,500.  Subsequent pieces then go for $190 each.  

Who knows, maybe someone who reads this will be inspired to order the mold, so we can then order the pieces.  Feel free to contact Edson International when you are.

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