Wow! Get yourself an SS this summer!!

You know summer is on its way when we are able to post new info about our SS class.  And here's some news that will make someone's summer:  LISEC is auctioning off SS #79, their fully restored sailboat, that is certainly in excellent sailing condition (yes, it is the same #79 featured in an earlier post of this blog)! The details about the auction are below.  Thanks to Betty Ann Arink for sending.

LISEC, a non-profit organization promoting Port Jefferson’s boat building history, is having a silent auction for its fully restored SS sailboat.  A great boat for all ages.  Bids must be submitted in writing to LISEC (101 A East Broadway, Port Jefferson, NY 11777) from May 1, 2015 to 10AM Sunday June 7, 2015.  Minimum opening bid $2,000.  Winning bid must be paid in cash or certified check.  Boat can be seen at the Bayles Boat Shop, Harborfront Park, Port Jefferson or on line at lisec.org.

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  1. Update - the LISEC sailboat was acquired by Paul Haines - and it is actually #21.