Mystery on the Hudson

Another SS “mystery” currently resides at the Hudson River Maritime Museum, in Kingston New York. It is here that an SS sailboat, possibly an M boat, with number 53 sails, is on display as part of a collection of assorted sailing vessels. This SS is actually not #53 - the “real” 53 belongs to Bob Millstein and it sails on the Hudson River up around Briarcliff Manor. No, this SS was donated to the museum by Bonnie V. Davis, who received it from Sue Morrison Fahey of Crown Point / Ticonderoga.
This mystery was brought to our attention by Betsy Brewster, who recently wrote to us and says that Sue Fahey is “extremely interested in tracing her boat and learning about the Centennial Celebration.” Both Betsy and Sue hope that some SS folks may be able to identify either the boat from some details in photos or from the name and recollections of the last owner from Westhampton.
Okay SS sleuths, below are the details that Betsey Brewster recently provided in an email, along with photos of the vessel. Please feel free to share any info here, by using the comments link at the end of this post, or contact Betsey directly at betsybrewster@comcast.net Betsey added “I'm sure some SS folks remember the Morrisons and their boats, know who might have owned the SS before them, and what her number might be. Let's try to give her identity as part of her wonderful history.”
  • The SS was donated to HRMM by Bonnie V Davis (Putnum,Lake George, NY), who received it from Sue Morrison Fahey, Crown Point/Ticonderoga NY. Both women and their families sail Comets and Lightnings on Lake George and Lake Champlain. Sue is 67. The Morrison family was from Westhampton (or the area) and sailed at WYS.
  • William Morrison, Sue's dad, bought/obtained the SS#? with #53 sails in 1968. Sue does not remember from whom they got the boat. The original Egyptian cotton sails that came with the boat (#53) were a mess, so they had a new dacron suit made in Portland, Maine. (Does Karin Storer's WYS history 1960-2000 provide the missing information?)
  • William Morrison owned Narrasketuck #99, Sabre, which is listed in Stan Medina's WYS history. Sue Fahey has a copy of the book.
  • The Morrisons kept their Elco power boat in Harts Cove/Eastport at a dock east of Nickerson's Boatyard. Sue recalls hawling the Narrasketuck out on a small beach nearby to scrub the bottom before races--she crewed for her dad. She also recalls 'swimming across Harts Cove to Dalmasse's'. She remembers towing the sailboats to the races on Saturdays. And she remembers many family names of WYS people, specially Narrasketuck and SS owners.

haylard holes in deck

"Eye" to trim jib

wide deck plank

tiller to centerboard

starboard view