Late Launch, by Will Tuthill

2 years out of the water is 2 too many. I have been occupied, and was prepared to make it 3 years, but was goaded into action by a friend. Pulled the cover & began the process.

Wash, sand, apply new bottom paint Primer by Fine Paints of Europe made in Holland, but distributed from Woodstock VT.

FPE primer goes on thick & smooth but powders easily under hand sanding. It blows away the Interlux Sanding Sealer 8087 that is supposedly the "best" sanding sealer. No comparison. Besides, this stuff has body & elasticity.

That is one coat of FPE "Hollandlac" Brilliant Coach Green. Use a cheap 3" roller carriage and a sawed off section of a gray foam roller to apply. This was tipped with a chip brush.

The single handed flip is done with a 2x4 in the mast hole / step.

planks between horses support the boat

trailer goes in under the plank

lift bow and tease out the forward plank

but how to get the weight off the aft plank? HA! Easy.

pick it up with a lever. Being alone means using a weight. Gotta love a dead battery for that :-)

Let her down on to the trailer and move.

The whole loading process took about 1 hour. The whole project is up to about 5 hours so far, and with the things that I want to do to the deck, rigging , and stem, I'll hit the 8 hour mark- no problem.

I wonder if I'll get in 8 hours of sailing to match?

"Frankly Scarlet- I don't give a damn"- just using the paints & varnishes & seeing the results is so rewarding that I would be happy with just one sail. SS59 lives!!!!!!!