SS Plans, Spinnaker Directions, Approvals & Requirements

By now most if not all of the SS fleet has found shelter for the winter months.  While the fleet is now in hibernation, the SS Class Association Committee has been active in updating and gathering records of the SS Class.  Specifically, Rob Dudley sent me the official plans related to our magic boat.  Now posted on this website (click the links in blue to access) is the SS Class Hull Plan, along with the Sail and Spinnaker Plans.  The links to these plans will live just below the "welcome" blurb on the right hand side of the page. The SSCA Committee has decided it would be good to publish these to try to encourage folks to abide by the standards to try and keep racing as fair as possible.  Rob redrew the "Double Luff" spinnaker plan because the old one was yellow, torn and tattered with age and was not dimensioned properly according to the "Equipment Rules of Sailing" by the International Sailing Federation.

In addition to the Plans, below will be of benefit to those wishing to adhere to our Class' Uniform Standards.  The two posts recently uploaded describe the Approvals and Requirements for the SS Class and Spinnaker Measurement for the Double Luff.  Thanks again to Rob Dudley for providing this information to be posted to our humble blog.

Here's wishing everyone a smooth sail during the holiday season and new year!

(pardon the pun :-).
- Will

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