Double Luff Spinnaker Directions

SS Class "Double Luff" Spinnaker Measurement

The spinnaker is measured by folding it in half, leach to luff with the tack and clew together. The sail thusly folded and pulled smoothly (but not stretched) between the measuring points should fill all the established dimensions.

To establish the proper marks on the floor from a head point, swing arcs of 3"-0" and 6'-0".
Then lay off chords across these arcs of 3'-0" and 4'-3" respectively.

Luff length should be established at 10'-10".
Foot length of 3'6".

Material: Spinnaker cloth shall be 3/4oz Nylon (with a finished weight of not less than 0.93 ounce per yard of 28.5" width)

Spinnaker design approved April 1969

Plan drawn December, 2012 by Robert Dudley (old plan had become yellow, torn and tattered with age)

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