2013 Gordon B. Dudley Trophy / Annual Meeting

The Gordon B. Dudley trophy was awarded to the overall winner of the three race Labor Day series.  Kylie Cast, in center of photo, skippered SS 122 in all three races and won the trophy!  Kylie's Aunt, Kim Cook, and mother Tracy crewed for Kylie.  Hats off to Kylie!

Rob Dudley and Jimmy Ewing (SS 135) came in second and Henry and Philip Smyth and Karen Hood (SS 125) came in third.  Three boats participated in the Labor Day series races.

The SS Association held its Annual Meeting just after the awards for the Labor Day Series. The main order of business was the election of new officers and the at-large members of the SS Association Executive Committee for the 2014 and 2015 race seasons. The new officers are Philip Smyth as Commodore, Scott Apmann as Vice Commodore, Rob Dudley as Treasurer, and Helen Horton as Secretary. The at-large members are Bob Murray, Karin Storer, Paul Graf and Tracy Cast.