Centennial Video Now Available from Don Michne

Don Writes...

"Hi Meredith, I finally have the one hour CD on the Centennial Race, July 4, 2008. Actually, its 63 minutes long including 12 or 13 minutes video taken from the air. Just prior to the race, you can watch and listen to the rules being announced. Next, the SS "parade", then clips of the races. I was rooting for Beecher in his newly made 156 and just happened to be zoomed in as he was rounding the final buoy of the final race. I watched that portion of it about a dozen times. You can judge for yourself the cause of his misfortune. Luckily, no one was hurt and there was minimum damage to his boat.

Finally, there is about 12 or 13 minutes of the many SS's in the water at one time, a sight we may never see again, taken from the air.
That part is accompanied by easy listening, background music. The price for the CD is $25. I can be reached by phone, 631-473-0080, by Email, dpmichne@optonline.net or by snail mail; Don Michne 177 Echo Ave. Miller Place, N.Y. 11764.
Just to recap;
this is not a one hour slide show. It's a never seen before, one hour movie.

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  1. This DVD should be in every SS sailor's library -- the overhead video of a bay full of SSs is a once in (our) lifetime shot. And then there's the entertaining video of what happens to an SS with its centerboard down that tries to jibe in two feet of water.... Meredith