Welcome to this newly created blog for SS enthusiasts.  

For the first post, I think it is appropriate to thank Meredith Murray here for writing her book "The Magic Boat and the People Who Sailed It, 1908-2008."  Just as many of the SS boats were restored in time to sail in last year's Centennial Celebration, Merry has triumphantly restored and preserved the history of the famed South Shore sailing vessel.  I think I can speak for all who have had the opportunity to read Meredith's book that it is a true gem.  Boating World agrees. 

As your humble blog editor, I can see this blog continuing the spirit that Meredith has restored.  Feel free to e-mail me any updates, photos, and / or questions to share with others on this blog.  Comments to posts are welcome, and can be done directly on this site.

Finally, I'd like to thank my dad for bringing Captain George Sandberg's restored SS into our family's lives.  I've enjoyed sailing for many years on Keuka lake, but never before had the opportunity to sail an SS.  His grandchilden are assured years of sailing - a gift you can't put a price on.  I share the same sentiments that #152 has so appropriately stated: Thanks Dad :-)


  1. Welcome to the local blogosphere.

  2. I have just had a chance to go through your blog and find it a wonderful spirit of the SS and her sailors. Congratulations!

  3. First sail on the 101. Slippery bow: The my uncle's rule was bare feet on his SS. Too much wind: I thought wind was good for a sailboat. Reading about that first sail makes me feel like an invisible passenger.
    Philip Martin