Old World Paint

Hey folks, we got our first boat tip!  Will Tuthill (SS 59, R.I.) says "Got to try these paints & varnishes. There is NOTHING available commercially in the US that compares."  

Says Will, "U.S. paints are like gravel in water- the coarse pigments sink immediately and the water evaporates leaving a thin & spotty coat at best. Fine Paints of Europe [imported into Woodstock, VT & shipped direct from there]  can be compared to honey & glitter. The pigment never sinks all of the way-  the fine quality resins and distillates go away at a rate that makes for a luster that is simply not available in U.S. marine paints. http://www.finepaintsofeurope.com/

Judging from the photo alone I would have to agree :-)  Thanks Will!

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